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Other Places Near Ganpatipule

  Thiba Palace

        Thiba palace is one of the big attractions in Ratnagiri. The Thiba palace Road leads you to the palace and then you witness a red coloured, Mangalore roof and the equally red coloured palace on a huge ground- that makes the Brahmi architecture more beautiful. This 97 years old palace has a story back to Brahamadesh (Mynmar - now). At about 1885, the king of Brahma-desh - King Thiba who had ruled over there for seven years won defeated by the british and imprisoned as well. In order to keep him away from his subjects, so as to minimize the chances of revolt, the Britishers decided to give him home imprisonment in Ratnagiri. The king along with his royal family, was shifted to Madras (Chennai) on 17th April 1886. Then all of them were sailed to Ratnagiri by the ship named 'Clive' He was placed in the 'Antrum' banglow at first and then shifted to the 'Baker' bunglow.
        Later a three storied Royal Palace was constructed at the expense of one lakh rupees on the plot of about 27 acres and 11th gunthas. The king moved in with his family on 13th Nov 1910. After the imprisonment of 30 years, King Thiba died at the age of 58 on 15th December 1919.
        Such a palace that witnessed many a historical moments, has a marble dance floor on the ground level. The ceiling has colourful carved wooden strips and the semi-circular windows are decorated with Italian coloured glasses. The idol of Lord Buddha that the king Thiba brought with him from Braham-desh is established with respect. The back side of the palace today is a museum. Various ancient idols found in Konkan and other parts of India are arranged on the ground floor. The upper floor holds TuTu's photographs, Old wooden chairs and the exhibition of pictures of ancient temples in Kokan. Except Monday and lunch-hour (1 to 1.30pm) on other days the museum is open to all.
        A public garden' Jijamata Udyan' is constructed at the sunset point which is well-known as 'Thiba Point'. The towers here give almost a bird's eye-view to you. Every evening is a rush hour to enjoy the sunset as a background to the scene of Bhatyeriver, Rajiwada port, infinite ocean and Fort Bhagwati. At the twilight and sinking sun, one thoughtful and sensitive mind many remember the pathetictale of The King Thiba.

  Lokmanya Tilak Birthplace

        There is a humble, simple and old house with Konkan style roof in the Tilak lane at the central part of Ratnagiri. Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born in the house about 150 years back on 23rd July, 1856. The original Land lady was Smt. Indirabai Gore and The Tilaks were the tenants. Lokmanya Tilak's father was serving as a teacher in Ratnagiri at that time. The original place of the Tilaks is Chikhalgaon- on the Dapoli- Dabhol way. Today, at the Tilak Ali birth place there is a Life-size statue of Lokmanya and the Maharashtra State Archeological Preservation Department office.