Other Places

Other Places Near Ganpatipule

  Memorial of Labour-power

        Hundreds of Engineers and labours accomplished the ambitious project of 760 Km Konkan Railway by literarily making a way through mountains and vallies. This process witnessed many accidents. Many had to sacrifice their lives. Their memories are perpetuated in front of Ratnagiri Railway station in the form of a tower. On the triangular pole of black marble one can read all the names of the names of the sacrificed lives for the construction of Konkan Railway.

  The Highest Railway Bridge in Asia-Panwal

        There is a diversion towards village Panval on Ratnagiri- Hatkhamba road at 9 km from Ratnagiri. This famous bridge is at 4 km from the spot. Jeep/sumo can reach up to the bridge, or else the other option is to go on four wheels upto 3 km and then to walk for 30 minutes. This bridge with 65 meter height is the highest in Asia. Once you reach the bridge and peep down through the support-pole galleries towards the deep valley, the scene is sure breath-talking!

  KARABUDE : Konkan Railway Tunnel

        At 5 km from Nivadi diversion to Ganpatipule, there is a way-right towards Karabude. There is a motor-way up to Lajool Grampanchayat from a way left at Ukshi. If one halts at the mango-orchard, parks the vehicles there and walks down the slope for 20 minutes, he can reach the railway. At this extremely in accessible place, we get to see the biggest 6 km tunnel in Asia. This miracle is symbol of the hard work by the Indian Engineers who tried their best to bring the seemingly unachievable dream of Konkan Railway construction! For the ventilation purpose, there are big ducts created - in the tunnel. One can see the huge turbines running over the tunnel when ones travels towards Ganpatipule. The real fun of the tunnel can be enjoyed of course you are travelling through the tunnel in a rail-way carriage. ( # Caution: One must avoid walking in the tunnel darkness, loitering on the rails etc.)

  Shri Swami Swaroopanand Shrine Temple - ("Samadhi Mandir")

        A great saint, poet and spiritual Guru of modem time's swami swaroopanand was born on 15th December, 1903 in Pawas (a humble village) at about 20 km from Ratnagiri. His full name was Ramchandra Vishnu Godbole. As a response to Mahatma Gandhi's appeal, he dropped out of college and started practicing self-reliance, national education, home spun thread and Indian articles 'use. He started a school based on national 'grace of Guru' by Ganeshnath alias Baba Maharaj Vaidya at the age of 20. He had participated in the non-co operation movement against the British when he won a student. As a result. ... He was imprisoned at Yerawada Jail in Pune. He practiced the 'Soham' meditation in the jail which made his mind and body to get transformed al together. He met S.M.Joshi, Achyutrao Patwardhan, Shankarrao Deo in the prison who began referring to him 'Swami' once back to Pawas he created Literary and metaphysical works like Abhang Dnyaneshwari, BhawarthGeeta, Amrutanubhav etc. At the place he even went to an extreme to write II I have experienced death II [Mrutun pawalo amhi] and recorded his own experience of death with date. He was fortunate enough tosee Bhagwan Vishnu in person. Swamiji gave away his existence to the elements (accepted Samadhi) on 15th August 1974. There is a huge, beautiful and extremely clean temple at the same spot. The solemnity of the atmosphere in the temple offers mental peace to the visiting devotees. It is believed that, there is acontinuous and perpetual existence of swamiji at the temple. The temple has the facility of Bhakt-Niwas and Prasad. There is a Lord Ganesh Mandir in the village. Vishweshwar temple beyond the river along with Someshwar temple.

  Haraji Bhatkar Chowpaty

        While crossing the Bhatye' bridge, one can see eye-pleasing scenario at both the sides. The sea-shore at Bhatye-village is known as Harji Bhatkar Chowpaty. The scene from Chowpaty includes the infinite ocean and the cut-out of Ratnagiri fort with the light-house. The next scene is Mandavi port and the sea appearing black due to the black soil! Even the Kajali River flowing through the thick greenery adds to the beauty. The Rajiwada port and the kasha-vishweshwar Temple peeping through it with the back drop of Thiba Point and newly constructed Jijamata Garden! That's a huge scene indeed!

  Shri Zari Vinayak Mandir

        It's an old Ganesh place on the Ratnagiri-Pavas Road, blessed with crystal clear brooks running through the mountain. At the upper side of a brook (Zara in Marathi) we see Lord Ganesh Carved out of the rock-hence the name- Zari Vinayak!