Dos And Don'ts

Dos And Don'ts

DO's at Ganpatipule

1) Get your vehicle properly checked and keep the documents ready withyou.

2) Be careful about the cash with you.

3) Keep the first-aid box ready.

4) Maintain your I-card with necessary details such as name, photograph, address, telephone number, blood group etc.

5) Keep the place clean by disposing the carry bags, empty water-bottles, wrappers of eatables and other trash in the public dustbins.

6) Get the information about the ebb and tide before you enter the waters. Stand in the sea holding hands of each other, as far as possible.

7) Be friendly, open-minded and communicative with the locals.

8) Respect the traditions while entering the temple. These are local beliefs and common trusts. And do follow the rules written in temple. They are meant for your convenience.

9) Do visit the smaller places on the way. Your visits boost up their development.

10) Make it a point to narrate the children about the importance and history of the visited spots.

11) Cherish the historical heritage spots and structures.

12) Enjoy the natural products.

DON'Ts at Ganpatipule

1) Don't over speed your vehicle.

2) As far as possible, don't carry costly ornaments and such other valuable items in the journey.

3) Don't do anything that would harm the nature and environment. Nature is a Goddess. We must respect her sacredness.

4) It is a common and painful sight to see the empty mineral water-bottles, wrappers of eatables, gutkha-pouches. Do not follow the pattern. Attempt to stop others from doing so. Don't litter of any sort.

5) Don't be over bold in the sea.

6) Don't behave in a way that would be trouble some for the local people. They are the very persons who run for our help when we are in problems or dangers.

7) One must avoid senseless behavior like shouting, blowing horns loud etc.

8) Don't write your names or draw signs etc. on the ancient temples or ruins of ancient structures.

9) One goes on picnic or trip to enjoy some sort of liberty and to live a trunk life. That's true, yet one must never cross the limits. We should not forget our decent culture.

10) Don't fall a prey to someone's appeal or challenge and do something that would ultimately spoil the fun of the group that you have come with.