Various festivals and celebrations are enthusiastically carried out in the temple throughout the Year.

  Celebration in Bhadrapad

Bhadrapad shuddha pratipada to panchami.
Aarati, Mantrapushpa and Keertan every night.
Mahaprasad on the anspecious day of Waman Dwadashi.

  Magh Celebrations

Magh Suddha 1 to Magh Suddha 5.
Aarati, Mantrapushpa and Keertan every night.
Magh Shuddh 6 – Cultural Programmes at night.
Magh Shuddha 7 – Mahaprasa at noon and cultural Programms at night.


At the Samadhi (Holy Tomb) of Bhide Bhatji, a pooja takes place at early morning and 2100 Boondi Ladus are distributed among the devotees on Dasara Day. All the drums, Shahnai etc. temple instruments are worshipped and the palanquin marches for simollanghan (Symbolic crossing of the out skirts) in the evening.
The palanquin halts on the circum navigation path at the Shamee tree, followed by a pooja and the shamee leaves are looked as a symbol of gold. The seleaves are offered to Lord Ganesh at the temple and the palanquin celebration gets over.

  Deepotsav (Festival of Lamps)

Kojagiri full-moon-night to Tripuri full-moon-night.
Lamps are lit at the time of Aarati every evening between Ashwin Shuddha 15 to Kartik Shuddha 15

  Vasant Puja

Chaitra Shuddh 1 to Vaishakh Shuddh 3 (Gudhipadava to Akshayytritiya).

  Palanquin Procession of the Lord

On every Sankanshti (i.e. 12 time a year), on Gudhipadwa, Dasara, Deepawali (First Day) Ganesh Chaturthee (Bhadrapad Suddha 4), Maghi Chaturthee (Magh shuddha 4) are the specific SEVENTEEN times, on which the Lord Ganesh is worshipped with this procenion.